Rock Your Holidays: Event at OfficeSlice in Sherman Oaks, CA 91607

Rock Your Holidays

Learn how to build the relationships that are the key to your business during this Holiday Season! Then dive in with a bootcamp to explore ways to leverage LinkedIn for New Business!

This is a two part seminar.  The first session is FREE to attend and will cover Holiday Marketing.  The second seminar is an optional paid bootcamp including a hands on session to review your LinkedIn personal profile and help in building your company page.  Cost is $139 dollars.

Rock Your Holidays

It’s that time of year – the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us. There is no better time to reach out to your customers, bring new clients in, and boost repeat and referral business! Whether you have a retail shop, provide a specialized service or work business-to-business, or have a nonprofit in need out outreach, this workshop will provide simple, practical tips for closing out 2014 on a high note.

Participants will learn:

  • How to leverage social media to engage new and existing customers
  • Which  promotions and special offers work for your business right now
  • Best ways to drive response from your emails and social posts
  • Easy strategies to keep your offers looking good on a cell phone or tablet 
  • How to create and manage a campaign for the holidays (it’s easier than you might think!)
  • Create a simple playbook to plan your marketing activities all season long
  • Most importantly, how to measure your results to get more out of your effort along the way

Please come ready to meet other small business owners and nonprofit professionals. We are all wearing many hats, and we can all share and learn from each other. This session is best suited for beginners in online marketing but all skill levels are welcome. The subject matter is less about technology and more about how to grow your business or organization. Join us – and rock your holidays this year!

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OfficeSlice LinkedIn Bootcamp

Optional LinkedIn Bootcamp (Cost is $139)

Session Time:  Noon – 3pm

We’ll provide proven strategies and tips that will help you capitalize and get the most out of your LinkedIn profile and company page. This bootcamp will help you achieve measureable customer leads.

Guided Demonstration

In this session, we will cover:

• How to Build, Manage and Leverage your LinkedIn Network
• How to Communicate with Influence and Purpose on LinkedIn
• How to Select the Right LinkedIn Groups
• How to Conduct Targeted Research on LinkedIn
• How to Recognize Business Opportunities on LinkedIn
• How LinkedIn Applications Can Build Brand and Heighten Visibility
• How to Track and Measure your Activities on LinkedIn

“Hands On” Lab

In this session, we will cover:

• Account Optimization & Branding
• Uploading Contacts, Content, Images, Videos as appropriate
• Making Connections, Joining Groups, and Finding Followers
• Creating & Optimizing Your Company Page on LinkedIn
• Q & A

Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact


Participants should bring a working laptop with wireless Internet connection and have a current/up to date browser and OS. You must be familiar with your laptop and how to access the Internet using your laptop’s wireless connection. Laptops are required. Tablets and iPads should not be used. No time will be spent to trouble shoot laptop issues.  Due to the limited length of the workshop we will not cover any programming nor will we set up accounts.  

Refund policy: Attendance to this bootcamp is by paid admission only, and is specifically associated with this date and venue. Registration/payment for this bootcamp cannot be transferred, traded, substituted or refunded. Once you have registered and paid for this bootcamp, NO refunds will be issued. Registrants for this bootcamp that subsequently can not attend the paid event, for what ever reason, will not have the cost of the event refunded, traded, and or credited. Your paid admission will simply be forfeited if you can not attend.

By documenting your understanding of this topic, in a way that creates a plan, you will leave with a greater understanding of how to leverage LinkedIn and mine it for new business and new contacts.  There will also be a short networking session, so you can meet other businesses!

All of our workshops are highly educational and filled with best practices, tips and trends!

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