Great Plugin to Capture Email Addresses

Great Plug In for Constant Contact on WordPress

Many folks have asked me how they can use a plugin on WordPress that will interact with Constant Contact.  They want to have a form on their website that when folks sign up using that form the info they enter will go directly into Constant Contact.  Well if you’ve read any of my WordPress posts or visited my website, you’ll see the BLOOM plug in by Elegant Themes that is an excellent option.

I am a big fan of all of Elegant Themes’ designs, especially since I’ve been using their most sophisticated version called DIVI. However, the BLOOM plugin will work with any of Elegant Themes’ designs and better than that, their plugins will work with pretty much any theme from any WordPress designer.

The functionality I like the best is the “pop up” email newsletter request. With the BLOOM plugin you can set the pop up to come up at any interval you like (i.e. 10 seconds after someone visits your site, or when they mouse over to exit you site, etc.)

Email Pop Up Plugin Elegant Themes

As you can see from the screen shot I’ve included, I’ve used the pop up box to ask folks to enter their email address in order to receive a copy of our 8 Easy to Create Content Types white paper. This is a great example of how to encourage folks who come to your website to continue the conversation with you by giving you their email address. Remember, most customers will research your company before calling you – and most won’t be ready to buy today. You will need to keep them engaged with you for however long it will take them to finally be ready to take action and that can be weeks, months or years. If you don’t capture folks’ email addresses from your website, there is no way they will remember your website 3 months from now when they are finally ready to buy!

Elegant Themes has detailed instructions on how you can set BLOOM up to work directly with Constant Contact so that when folks sign up using the pop up, their email address will be added directly to any list you choose in Constant Contact. Then all you need to do is set up an autoresponder in Constant Contact that will contain a link directly to the PDF (or offer page) for whatever you are giving away for those that join your list. Check out the video from Constant Contact that will walk you through how to set up autoresponders.

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